Wheelwright Cluster is now on Twitter!

Hello fellow Cluster Residents!

Tony Pearl (the webmaster) here, and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve recently added a nice new feature to our website…

We’re Now on Twitter!

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, let me tell you why this is a great thing, and I highly recommend that you take a moment to sign yourself up for this free service AND follow us.

Twitter is a fantastic way to get updates, quickly share information with other people you know or follow, and many other cool things that the kids are doing these days.

If you’re not on Twitter yet, what are you waiting for? Take just a moment to get yourself signed up.

It’s fast, easy, and best of all… free!

Just go here: https://twitter.com/

AFTER you’ve signed up (or if you’re already logged in for those of you who are already on there), here’s how to use this service with our site:

You should notice a little section on this site that says:

Recent Tweets (NEW)! (Follow us: @WheelwrightClus)

Under that part, you’ll see the most recent ‘Tweets’ (which are the same as the updates put here on the site. But if you’d like to get your updates in a faster, more digestable format, simply ‘Follow Us’ by clicking on the little blue bird right there, then click ‘Follow.’  Done!

As long as you’re logged in to Twitter, you’ll get the updates from us (and whoever else you’re following if you like).  You can also communicate with those who are following you.

Once you get used to it, it’s pretty cool. And it’s faster than checking in on Facebook.

Just remember – and think of it like this: Twitter is kind of like Texting on the internet. You’ll need to keep your messages brief – no more than 140-160 characters total.  That’s the beauty of it: You’re limited to short messages to share your thoughts/ideas/get updates.  And your ‘texts’ on Twitter are called “Tweets.”

You won’t be reading a book (like how I write these posts…sorry).

The best way to learn this is like anything else: Just jump on in & have fun.

That’s all for now. Stay warm & dry from the cold & snow!


P.S.  From now on, any Cluster updates will go out in FOUR ways:
1. As a new POST on this site (which will appear on the front page & is also searchable if it’s older)
2. As an Email Blast (so be sure you’ve signed up to the list. And look for the post about what to do if you have a Verizon email address. Hint: Don’t use that one. Use another if you can)
3. As a post on Facebook.
4. As a Tweet on Twitter.

So you’ll have no excuse not to get the updates now. 🙂


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