We Have a Sign Winner!

We Have a New Sign Winner!

Thank You to all Wheelwright residents who took the time to vote for the new cluster sign!

Voting was close, but we were ultimately able to pick only one.

We are proud to announce that…

Design #1 was the clear winner!!

Once all the votes were tallied, this sign was presented to the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB) for approval.
The DRB approved the design, but mandated color changes to match the existing Wheelwright color palette.

SO, without further delay, it is our pleasure to reveal to you
the new sign that will be part of the remodeled cluster entrance!:



So, Fellow Cluster Residents… What do you think?

Like it? Love it? Or Hate it?

Thanks to this website, you can easily share your opinion with your neighbors!  Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

But make no mistake, THIS is the sign that will soon be installed to go along with the now treeless area as you drive home each day.

So keep your eyes on the entrance to our cluster, as it will soon be getting a face-lift!

–Tony Pearl, on behalf of the Wheelwright Cluster Board

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2 responses to We Have a Sign Winner!
  • Yunhui Singer

    Great sign. It looks so much better than the current one. Great job!!

    • Ruth Schulte

      Love the new sign and the overall updated look of the cluster!

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