Vote For Our New Sign!

It’s time to Vote for our New Entrance Sign for Wheelwright Cluster!

As you may or may not be aware, the board has approved the 2012 budget for improving the entrance to our cluster as you enter Wheelwright Court.

Part of that improvement includes replacing the “Wheelwright” sign there.

Since this is an Election Year (how wonderful, lol), we thought it would be nice to get you, our residents, involved in the selection process.

So now is your chance to VOTE on which sign you like the most!
We Need Your Vote. And yes, it Counts!

Wheelwright Sign-Logo

THIS Has Got to GO!

Wheelwright Cluster President Brad McLean has contacted a company that will install the new sign shortly.  After careful consideration and review, we have narrowed down the choices to the following TWO possibilities…

Sign #1:

To Vote for Sign #1, Click Here!


Sign #2:

To Vote for Sign #2, Click Here!

Please pick one of the above choices and VOTE NOW!

We’ve made Voting super-easy for you… All you need to do is simply click one of the handy links here, and it will send us an email with your vote selection… Right from the comfort of your own PC (or Mac, or tablet… or Mobile Device!)

All residents who voted will have their votes tallied up and the winner will be chosen by February 28th, 2012.  The voting ends soon, so please vote now.

Again:  To Vote for Sign #1, Click Here!


To Vote for Sign #2, Click Here!

(NOTE: If the above links don’t work for you, simply send an email to: with the subject “Voting for Sign 1” or “Voting for Sign 2”)

Thanks, and we’ll let you know the results of the vote soon.

   –The Wheelwright Cluster Board of Directors

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You’ll be glad you did.

Written by Tony Pearl, Site Design & Maintenance

5 responses to Vote For Our New Sign!
  • Mary Dominiak

    Heh: I made a comment in my email, but I’ll repeat it here. I preferred the overall design of Sign #2, but I didn’t think the half-wheel image on that sign sold the meaning nearly as well as the full wheel image on Sign #1. I finally cast my vote for Sign #1, but I have to admit it doesn’t hold my heart. A complete wheel image on Sign #2 would have been perfect!

    My $0.02, anyway …

    I was surprised to see the contest on the website, since there wasn’t any notice about it in the newsletter that conveyed the website address. I think more folk would come visiting the website if they knew the interactivity was here, and that the first thing they could do – along with signing up for electronic newsletters! – was to weigh in on our front sign design!

    Glad to see we finally have a website!

    • admin

      Hey Mary,

      Thanks for your vote! We really appreciate your input,
      as well as your comment.
      We would have given word in the newsletter about the voting here on the website,
      but it was Brad’s last-minute idea to add this feature on the site.
      I believe the newsletter was already printed by that point.

      And coordinating the two media is a delicious, yet brand new challenge for us!
      We hope to improve on this in the future.

      I’m really glad you like the website!
      With the board’s input, I worked really hard to make it great
      for us.

      Please help us to spread the word about it to our neighbors!

      —Tony, the WebMaster

  • Dennis Schulte

    I agree with Mary. Though I voted for #2.

  • #2251

    I would like to strongly echo marys comment regarding the lack of transparency regarding sign design and voting. The first I heard of completion, proposed designs, and that voting had already occurred was in the march wheelwrighter. I am curious to know how many people actually voted.
    I know a lot of work has gone into this and I do not take that for granted. I appreciate very much the effort put into all the current projects going on. I hope going forward though greater efforts are made to keep residents up to date and seek their views.

    Thank you.

  • Tony Pearl-Webmaster

    Thank you for your input!

    We understand that a few residents may feel ‘left out’ of the sign voting.
    This is most likely because the voting was conducted online, on the brand-new website you’re now reading!
    A lot of our residents did not yet know about the new website, and have continued to rely on the printed edition of ‘The Wheelwrighter.’

    We understand the confusion and apologize for that.

    As we continue to grow and evolve, this communication and confusion should hopefully not happen (as often!),
    because we will be more easily able to let you know what’s going on through this website.

    Of course, this can only happen if you:
    1. Come back to this site often to read what’s new.
    2. Subscribe to the email list (on the right), which you already have done.

    Thanks for your understand, and even though you weren’t as involved in the voting this time, we hope you enjoy the new sign!

    –Tony, the Webmaster

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