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A board meeting will be held Tuesday, July 29th at 7pm at the home of Heather Maddox (2252) to discuss the report regarding the health of specific cluster trees which are under consideration for removal. 

This website post, email blast, and Facebook post are the electronics versions of a flyer that was distributed to all homes on 23 July 2014.


The latest edition of The Wheelwrighter Newsletter + The tree report can be seen by clicking on these links:

Wheelwrighter 2014-07-23

Wheelright tree report

The full report is summarized below.

The following trees have been recommended for removal due to poor health of the tree:

  • Red Oak behind 2218
  • Red Oak adjacent to 2224
  • Black Oak adjacent to 2246
  • White Oak in lower cluster parking lot island between 2252/2251

The following trees have been declared “salvageable” with fertilization, supplemental watering, and vertical mulching:

  • Red Oak adjacent to 2216
  • Red Oak adjacent to 2230

The following trees were shown to be relatively healthy, however are still under consideration for removal:

  • Red Maple at the right rear of 2214
  • Red Oak in front of 2252

The board would like feedback from cluster residents regarding this matter, especially regarding trees that have NOT been directly recommended for removal.

The question at hand is whether we should use our cluster resources to keep these trees, or whether they should be removed.

Please provide your feedback in writing, preferably no later than Monday July 28th or plan on making a statement at the meeting.  We will request that all statements do not exceed 3-4 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me or any members of the board with questions.

(Heather Maddox: 703-200-6365)


Countdown to the upcoming Meeting:

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