Update from CSI RE Cardboard Recycling

If you ever throw cardboard away (and who doesn’t these days?), then please take a moment to read this post.

CSI-Logo CSI, the company that takes our trash & recycling, has just issued this update…


Beginning on 1 February, CSI will retrieve curbside cardboard only on our recycle day, Mondays (except holidays).  

Cardboard will no longer be accepted on your trash collection days. This only applies to cardboard that is at the curb, outside of your trash container.

Also, they have asked us to help the collection crews by breaking down all the cardboard boxes.

Click Here to read the flyer that they sent.

The reason for this is to the overwhelming amounts of cardboard that is being disposed of in our county landfills.  CSI is making additional efforts to reverse this process and enhance our communities’ recycling efforts.



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