Parking Update

Dear Wheelwright Neighbor,

It has come to the attention of the board that some individuals who are not part of the Wheelwright Community may be using our parking lot, reducing the number of spaces available for actual residents and guests.

As a response, the board is asking residents to register all vehicles associated with their property with the board.
This will allow the board to identify vehicles which do not belong in the community.
We will also use the contact information you provide to reach you regarding cluster business or in case there is an emergency with your property.

Please send an email to: or fill out the below form and return it to any board member with the following information.

  • House number
  • Please notate if home is currently rented
  • Name of vehicle owner
  • Email of vehicle owner
  • Phone number of vehicle owner
  • Vehicle year make model
  • Vehicle plate

Thank you,

The Board

1 response to Parking Update
  • Kelly Merkel

    We are not going to respond to this because we are moving on Saturday, March 7th.
    However, we are leaving the paper notice we got at the door for the new tenants. We close on the house on the 20th, so I would expect that they respond after that time.

    However, I believe they have two vehicles.
    Thank you.

    2205 Wheelwright Ct.

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