News for August 2012

News Update for August, 2012! 

Wheelwright Cluster

Here’s the latest news updates for you for August, 2012:
1.  It’s Election Time!!
We are taking nominations for interim Vice President and interim Secretary of the Wheelwright Cluster Board until annual elections are held in December.  If you are interested, please email the board at and let us know what makes you the perfect candidate! Selected nominees will be announced at the next Board meeting in September.  Stay tuned for the date!
Help out – Don’t Suffer from ‘Electile Dysfunction!‘  🙂     VOTE! 
2.  Now that the weather is cooling down, the Cluster entrance landscaping can begin!
Look for the work we’ll be doing starting in early September.
3.  Tired of the old clothes or unwanted items cluttering your house?
Let us know if you’d be interested in holding a cluster yard sale; timeframe would be end of September or end of October.
Leave a comment on this page if you’d be interested!
4.  Waggin’ in Wheelwright…Interested in bragging about the wagging tails in your life?
We have some beautiful dogs here, so it would only make sense to show them off.
Get a photo and bio of your pet(s) together, and we will soon be able add it to the site. (Read on for details…)
5.  You Asked For it… You’re Gettin’ It!  
Due to several residents’ requests, we are going to be  adding a FORUM feature to!
This will allow you to upload pictures, biographies, swap stories, and SHARE RECOMMENDATIONS
(such as contractors, home remodelers, etc.), and your experiences.
If you have a business you’d like to promote, we might even let you plug yourself right there.
Pretty sweet, right?
Stay tuned, as Tony the Webmaster will be making this special forum addition to the website very soon.
Just as soon as he (that’s me!) decides on which platform would be the best for us here,
and gets the code all lined up.
…And that’s about all the New News we have for you at this time!
IMPORTANT: If you haven’t yet signed up for the newsletter, be sure you do right away.
This way, we can notify you of any new important updates as they happen.
To do this, just enter your name & email on the form – it should be right on this page.
There should also be a Facebook option there as well or instead.
Thanks for reading & have a great day.
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  • 2251

    Do we have a formal job description for VP and Secretary? If so, could you post them on the site?

    Thank you.

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