Meet the Cluster Board of Directors!

Meet the Wheelwright Cluster Board of Directors!

We feel that the more you get to know us, the more comfortable you’ll feel in getting involved with our community, and that benefits everyone who lives here.

Name, Title and Contact Information,
Wheelwright Cluster Board of Directors:
(Current as of May 2021) 

Cluster Board & Officers

Name: Position: House: Phone: Email:
Kristina Myers President 2226 703-864-3282
Sandy Mohler Vice-President
Ruth Schulte Secretary 2256 703-860-5472
Kelly Fairbank Treasurer 703-489-4898
Kelly Fairbank Director 703-489-4898
Cyndi Hartman-Newland Director 2231 703-629-8297
If you have any questions, suggestions, or nominations,
please feel free to contact us at:

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