Latest Wheelwrighter Issue – September 2015

Hello Wheelwright Cluster Residents!

In case you haven’t seen it delivered on your door, there’s a brand new issue of “The Wheelwrighter” that’s just been published.

You can read that issue online, right here!

This is for September, 2015.

There are several items of interest that you should read about, including:

  • The upcoming Board Meeting (on 14 October 2015)
  • The Fall Cluster Cleanup (on 17 October 2015)
  • Cluster Dues are Due Soon!
  • Help Wanted on the Board.
  • Reminders about Trees, Parking, Local Events, and your dog’s poop.

All this and more (not much more, it’s only 1 page long this time) can be read in the latest issue of The Wheelwrighter!

So Click Here and read it already.  🙂

See you in the Cluster,

The Board


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