June 2013 Edition of The Wheelwrighter is Here!


June 2013 Wheelwrighter Newsletter–Click Here to Read!

The June 2013 edition of “The Wheelwrighter” Newsletter
is finally here!

Click on the link above to read it.

Here’s what’s inside this edition of “The Wheelwrighter:”

  • The End of “The Wheelwrighter?” (Read for more info)
  • How to quickly and easily pay your cluster dues
  • What You Need to Know About Your Trash…
  • What You Get For Your Money…
  • Who’s Coming Here, Why It’s Important, and What YOU Need to Know…
  • We Still Need a New Treasurer! (Any Volunteers?)
  • And finally: Don’t Park Your Car in the Court on Wednesday, June 19th, or…

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