Happy New Year 2013+Newsletter

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2013 already?

Yes, we survived the ‘End of The World.’  Again.
The latest version was the infamous Mayan Calendar, which predicted… something disastrous would potentially happen on December 21st, 2012.

It didn’t.  Well, some might say that the real disaster continued to happen all year long, as one stupid reality show after another continued to dumb down our society.  How else can you explain “Honey Boo-Boo?”   😆

All kidding aside, it’s now time for you to read the latest newsletter!

Click Here to read the December, 2012 edition of The Wheelwrighter Newsletter.


Or if that link doesn’t work for you, you can just click on the one below:



Here’s what’s in this jam-packed, informative piece of local literature:

  • Your Dues Are Going Up. Read why…
  • You’ll soon be able to pay your dues online (finally!)…
  • Board member updates
  • The Date & Time of the upcoming Board Meeting (go read the newsletter to find out!)
  • And a tasty chili recipe! (Adding Beano is optional, heh heh)

Speaking of nothing that has to do with chili, we’d like to continue to remind  our loyal residents who own dogs to PLEASE keep your dogs on a leash AND PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG has done his ‘business.’
Most of our residents are model citizens of this good practice, and we thank you.
This message is aimed at those who still haven’t gotten the message.

UPDATE on the website:  Like many people these days, some of our residents just LOVE to communicate on Facebook.  So we’ve added a couple of features to our site that make it easier to integrate the two.  See if you can notice these subtle changes, and hey! Feel free to play around with ’em a bit by hitting the ol’ “Like” button (or whatever they’re calling it this week).

Well, that’s about all for now.  Thanks for reading, and we’ll talk to you soon!

–Tony Pearl, on behalf of our community

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