Dog Owners-Keep The Poop Off Our Lawns!

Own a Dog?
Here’s a Couple of Important Announcements:

1. PLEASE remember to CLEAN UP after your pets!
When walking your dog, remember to bring a baggie or something to dispose of his/her poopies.

Funny Attention Dogs And Owners Sign

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We have had many unsightly reminders around our neighborhood to warrant this notice.
Most of our residents who own a dog happily comply with this request,
but there are still a few who ignore it. There are also some neighbors from other communities who need to be notified as well.

2. We’ve noticed quite a few brown spots in the grass that occur when pets’ urine contains too much ammonia.

We found a great solution that helps solve the problem that even finicky dogs like!

Doctors Foster & Smith has a product called Lawn Guard biscuit treats that not only neutralize the ammonia, but also help to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections for dogs!

Help keep Wheelwright looking Green!


Thank you for helping us keep the poop off of our lawns.


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