Do You Have a Verizon Email Address? Read This Now…

Attention: Anyone Who Lives in the Cluster and Has a Email Address…

Do YOU have/use a Verizon email address? V-logo1

It has recently come to my attention that those of you who have a email address are most likely NOT getting the email updates that we send out!

Since these updates are an extremely important way to receive the information that we send out, we’ll need you to kindly do something about it.  Keep reading to find out what it is…

The reason WHY you’re not getting these emails is actually the fault of Verizon & their bloody anti-spam filters.  For some strange & stupid reason, they’re set to automatically block the emails that are sent out from here.  Yes, this might explain why you’re not getting emails from other desired sources as well.

According to the notification I saw, here’s what was said, “The email sender or Email Service Provider may visit and request removal of the block.”

TRANSLATION – Here’s What You Need To Do If YOU have a Verizon email address:,

You’ll need to go to and request that they REMOVE the block they have for our email address,
After that, you should be able to receive our emails ok. (We hope!)

Another Option: If that’s too confusing for you, then just enter/use another email address that you use on a regular basis. Personally, I suggest everyone get a Gmail account, because they’re awesome.

So there you have it. If you have a email address & have been wondering WHY you haven’t been receiving our email updates, now you know!

Thanks for reading & Happy New Year!

–Tony Pearl,
Wheelwright Cluster Webmaster

P.S.  Please do us a favor & TELL anyone you know who lives here and has a Verizon email address to read this post!!  Thanks!

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