Cluster Cleanup-April 2016!

Hello Cluster Residents!

It’s that exciting time again – CLUSTER CLEANUP!!! 

Get ready to have fun making our great community beautiful.

Remember, first we work. Then we party!

Starting at 9 a.m. THIS SATURDAY, 23 April 2016,
we’re going to meet up in the LOWER CLUSTER.
We’ll work until around Noon.

Then it’s COOKOUT TIME!!

That will last until there’s no one left. Yeah, it may go late.

This is great chance to come hang out with your fellow neighbors.
Make new friends & hang out with the old ones (wait…that didn’t come out right lol)!


  • Earlybirds arriving before 10 a.m. will be entered into a RAFFLE for an (out)door prize!
  • “Get to Know Your Neighbor BBQ Bingo,” Hosted by our new Social Committee!


For the Work/Cleanup Part of the Day (early):

  • Gloves (the outdoor kind, not your fancy leather driving gloves)
  • Hand Spade (if you have one)
  • Shovel (the same kind you use for burying bodies)
  • Wheelbarrow (kindly contact the board if you can provide one for a few hours)

For the Fun/Cookout Part of the Day (afternoon-until?):

  • Portable/folding/Tailgating Chairs (to chillax in while you sip your beverage)
  • Coolers (if you have one & would like to bring it)
  • Lawn Games for anyone & everyone
  • Anything extra you feel would be appropriate (there will be kids there)


Thanks for reading & we look forward to seeing you this Saturday, 23 April 2016 in the Lower Cluster!


2 responses to Cluster Cleanup-April 2016!
  • Robert Mowbray

    As usual, the cluster cleanup conflicts with a community environmental activity in which I am involved. This year I will be working with Reston Environmental Action (REACT) to remove invasive exotic garlic mustard from Reston common areas (Snakeden watershed).

    Bob Mowbray

  • Mary Thomas

    I just had to comment about the cluster cleanup 2016. I love how Heather (President) might I add! Sends out flyers about the day of the cleanup asking for everyone to participate, donate items, contribute to the cookout and last but not least Pay your monthly or quarterly fees to maintain your cluster. WOW! She must have some nerve!! Never once did I see her take more than 5 steps from her front door the two hours I was there!!I She was just standing there in her shear pajama top with no bra, eating biscuits. Yuck!
    I was volunteering and helping my friend that lives there working in the rain watching the “President”just watch everyone work!!!! It felt like it was a prison camp!
    I can tell you in my cluster our president works his butt off!
    If I can give any advice to the residents, it would be that Wheelwright cluster should find someone that’s not so lazy and maybe have way more class
    Im pretty sure not one person out there working in the rain that morning even heard good morning, how are you, nice to meet you from her. Nothing!
    I’m sorry for the people living there that have deal with such a lazy, rude, angry person/President like her!!! Btw: don’t forget your cluster fees that you pay are in her hands! Watch Out!!!

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