Cluster Cleanup Date Set For Fall 2013!

Attention Wheelwright Cluster Residents & Board of Directors:

The Date & Time for Our Next Cluster Cleanup is Now Set!

Wheelwright Cluster Cleanup

Wheelwright Cluster Cleanup


What: Cluster Cleanup Event, Fall 2013

Who: Wheelwright Cluster Residents.

Where: Meet/Sign Up in the Lower Cluster.

WHEN: Saturday, October 5th, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.


Expected Activities Include: 
  • Trash Collection
  • Planting a tree on the small lower cluster island
  • Planting a tree and some bushes at the front entrance
  • Replace signs and sign posts
  • Plants shrubs in the small upper cluster island
A dumpster will be secured for the weekend for all residents to dispose of large items.
The annual cluster barbecue will follow the cleanup in the lower cluster island.
–This is where the FUN Happens! Come meet your fellow neighbors.
Have a bite. Grab a drink (or two). Make some friends!
Countdown Timer To the Fall 2013 Cluster Cleanup:
2 responses to Cluster Cleanup Date Set For Fall 2013!
  • Robert Mowbray

    I tried to send the message below back when the date for the cluster cleanup was first posted, but, on my screen, there was no submit button. I assume that the submit button is one of the recently announced improvements in the cluster website.

    “Thanks. You have finally chosen a date which does not conflict with Weed Warriors (now Habitat Heroes).
    How about adding invasive exotic removal to the list of activities. We still have a lot of English ivy, some bamboo sprouts, a Japanese barberry planted, and probably a few other invasives. Several residents have invasives (Japanese barberry, privet, ?) planted in their yards. At least one of these was planted after the Reston Association banned its planting.

    Many of us (including myself) have a lot of weeds growing in our lawns and gardens. I assume that this is partly because many residents cannot idnetify weeds and do not understand that they easily spread onto our neighbor’s properties. Perhaps we can consider holding some kind of session, probably not to coincide with cluster cleanup, designed to help our residents to identify some of the most common weeds.”

  • Robert Garcia

    Like your idea about weeds. May I suggest posting photos of weeds here. It will be easier for us older folks to remember. I can help with photos and postings.

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