Activities and Event for the Residents of Wheelwright Cluster

–May 2016–

Last month, we had our Spring Cluster Cleanup!

The day started off cold & rainy, yet despite that, we had many residents still turn up to help support our community by contributing their time to clean, cut, plant, weed, etc.

As the day went on, the weather improved so that we could have our cookout party and socialize with our neighbors.

Thanks to all who participated, and we look forward to doing it again in the fall!


–February, 2013–

Attention: We just posted a Reston Residents’ Recreation page on this site!

On this page, you’ll find out all about some of the upcoming recreational activities we recommend you check out this spring.

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One of the highlights of April in Wheelwright Cluster is our Cluster Cleanup!
We hold this event TWICE every year – in the spring & in the fall.

This is a wonderful opportunity to come out, get some exercise, help clean up & keep our neighborhood beautiful.

You might not believe it, but our residents really help to make this event FUN!

How is that possible?
Because we like to play as hard as we work, and the highlight of the day is the after-cleanup PARTY!
Several fun-loving residents come out to knock back a couple of cold ones & socialize with one another.

Most of the time, we see our neighbors in a whole new light, and friendships are easily made.
Of course, we always welcome new faces and look to meet new neighbors.

The plentiful amount of beer that flows helps to insure that everyone has a great time,
and the fact that that beer is provided free of charge doesn’t hurt!  😆

If you missed the last one, don’t let it happen again!
But don’t worry, because there will be another opportunity soon enough.

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