2013 Budget Update

2013 Budget (Approved) Update

Click Here to see the 2013 Wheelwright Cluster budget.


  • Fuel & labor costs continue a slow creep upward
  • The parking lot is due for a seal coat & painting of yellow curbs
  • The cluster’s laptop & Quickbooks software are obsolete & in need of replacement
  • Based on resident feedback, the cluster will implement an electronic payment option for dues.


Budget Summary:

In 2011, residents approved the use of additional capital funds for the front entrance upgrade & tree/erosion work. A capital fund reduction of $11K was forecasted. If all holds, we should finish with about a $7K reduction, as we did not incur snow removal costs in 2012 & did not deem concrete work necessary.


The cluster’s 40 year old tree canopy continues to grow & encroach on homes, causing erosion issues & creating a threat to homes in bad weather. In fact, Hurricane Sandy resulted in 3 large trees & several large branches falling. Two homes were damaged. While the cluster has performed increased tree work in recent years & fared well in most storms, it has become apparent that the need remains & is increasing.

During 4 hours of recent budget meetings, the board reviewed anticipated ongoing capital needs for tree work & long-term parking lot maintenance. A consensus emerged to recommend a quarterly dues increase of $20 which will allow the cluster to address increased annual capital needs & manage our reserve fund for long-term parking lot maintenance.

These activities aim to maintain/increase our property values as well pride in our neighborhood. Despite the increase, Wheelwright will still have among the lowest dues in Reston & should allow us to avoid special assessments when unforeseen things arise.


Please email any feedback to wheelwright.cluster.assoc@gmail.com or leave it on facebook.

Please plan on attending the annual meeting on Dec 3rd to discuss & approve.

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