Time to Trim Trees – So Watch Where You Park!

You may have wondered why a few trees in our development have some tape on them.
It’s because some of them are going to be pruned, and some will be cut down.

This upcoming Monday, May 6th, 2013, tree work will commence in the cluster, weather permitting.

Trees to be pruned or cut down

Trees to be pruned or cut down

Certain parking spots must be clear for the work to be done.
These spots have been marked with “No Parking” Signs and Yellow caution tape.

WARNING: Vehicles not removed by 7AM will be towed at owner’s expense!

The work is expected to be completed on Monday, but potentially could extend to Tues.
Once the No parking signs and tape are removed, the spaces can once again be used.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s cooperation!

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  • Wheelwright Cluster Assoc

    Thanks to everyone for removing their vehicles from marked spots so that tree work can commence this morning.

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